You don't have any sailing experience?

No problem, just book your
yacht charter with a skipper

Phiona Sailing Yachtcharters

Charter without skipper

According to Greek law, 2 of the passengers need to have a sailing license. If only one has such a license, then you need a declaration that another person is also able to sail the boat. Those two receive the yacht with the equipment (check in) and are responsible for the yacht and the other passengers. The yacht has to be returned in the same condition, as she was presented (check out). In case of loss or damage, this will be paid through the deposit.

Charter with skipper

In this case no passenger needs to have a sailing license. Also no deposit has to be payed. The skipper takes the responsibility and its up to you how much you want to take part in sailing.
All our skippers are very experienced and know the best spots in the area.
The route will be decide together with the passengers.

The skippers fee is 100,- Euro plus food

What you find on board

There is a fully equiped pantry with everything you need- big fridge and espresso machine, stove, oven and of course plates, cups, cutlery, pots, etc.
Linen, pillows and pillow cases, blankets, also towels and bathtowels are on board.
Snorkels and diving masks, sunbathing mats and a parasol are available for those who want to lie on the beach.

What you need to bring

In summer you will propably be barefoot most of the time on board or else you need shoes with soft light soles. Rain is very scarce in July and August. The rest of the time just in case bring raincoats and something for cooler envennings and nights.

Sun screen, suncream, sunhat and glasses are a must.
Please don't bring your belongings in hardcover suitcases - they are difficult to store on board.

How to get to Kavala

Kavala has its own small airport, which is approx. 30 minutes from Kavala port and center. In summer you can fly from some German and other Northern European cities directly there.
Otherwise there is the airport in Thessaloniki, which is about 90 minutes away from Kavala. Here you can fly daily and at any time of the year to almost all the big cities in Europe.
Please notice that tickets can differ in price a lot.
We can help you to find a flight and we can pick you up from the airport for additional charge.