The island of Thassos is only 12 seamiles from Kavala. Thassos is one of the greenest islands in Greece and blessed with countless wonderful bays. Most of the beaches are sandy and the water is crystal clear and sometimes with a fantastic turquoise colour. Besides the port in Limenas, the capital of Thassos, there are other small ports as well. Limenas is a big village with many restaurants, cafes, a few sights and lively beaches. In the village it is worth strolling along the old port or visiting the ancient theater or the archeological museum.

You can find more beautiful beaches in other parts of the island. Limenas is quite popular in summer. The other villages are smaller and simpler.

The landscape on the southcoast is more attractive than that on the northcoast. A tour around the island is a must, as there are beautiful spots everywhere.

Beside the harbours there are also some quiet and safe bays where you can stay at night. Like the lovely one in Aliki. Although it is really crowded throughout the day and in high season, at night you can enjoy this wonderful place and the tavernas for yourself.